Monday, May 12, 2008

Death and Life

The death toll in China is now almost 9,000 killed in the earthquake. While the Myanmar government reports the counts for the cyclone as 28,458 dead and 33,416 missing, outside group estimates for deaths range from 63,290 to 101,682. Outside groups also list 220,000 people as reported missing.

I was listening to an online sermon from Pastor Damian Kyle a couple weeks ago when he referenced Matthew 24:1-8. This is one of the "end time" sections where Jesus talks about his return and about nation rising against nation and earthquakes and famine and says, "these are the beginnings of birth pangs."

My teenage years were fairly immersed in prophecy and "end times," but what Pastor Damian said caught my attention. Birth pangs start slowly, he reminded us, and then gradually get closer and closer together and slowly get stronger and stronger.

With the many events of this past week--Myanmar's cyclone, China's earthquake, Hezbollah taking control over part of Lebanon, the US tornado season the deadliest in a decade--somehow it resembles perhaps another set of birth pangs.

In "regular daily" life here in Texas, we had another summer intern start today and I did her computer login and training. Five staff are changing offices tomorrow. I'm trying to coordinate their timing and moves. And we have staff visiting from to help with planning some website changes. I've been busy taking care of coffee and snacks for them. It helps them think, you know! And I read another chapter from Tales of the Resistance to a staff family this evening. It's been two years since we started the series...we're going kind of slow.

Tonight's chapter was "The Most Beautiful Player of All." My favorite. ...for when one has found one's real love, it is easy to leave what has only been pretend.

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Anonymous said...

I "dropped" in on your family like they suggested. Thanks. Your mom enjoyed the suprise, but I think your brother and sister think I am crazy. Probably true. It was good to see them again and share their hospitality. I signed the guest book too.