Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Ouch! After so much regular blogging, I let you go a whole 10 days without a post? Yikes!

Life... Cas is in the kitchen making sponge cake for tomorrow's supper with friends. Jes is trying not to get sick. Caz is on her cell phone in the "chill room." I've been staying off my computer in the evenings to try to help me get to bed on time (ha!). So much for that tonight...

Prayer... reminded of something the Lord was teaching me about a year ago. Asking Him what He wants me to pray and believe for. This time? Love. Love for me to share with others. To truly have God's love.

Office... training tomorrow is on how to keep your pdf filesfrom printing out with red coloring when you use the color laser printers. We had two new summer interns start this week and another one starts next week. Meanwhile, we've been enjoying "Grey" - our IT intern from LeTourneu U. Praise God for all his help in updating the printer drivers. He's making this thing happen!

China... 77 survivors discovered in the last 36 hours! Death toll is over 41,000. Pray for the Christians there to boldly share their faith in the midst of tragedy.

Myanmar... We've got relief supplies going into the country - thanks for your prayers! You've got to stop by and see the latest updates and prayer requests here.

ICCM... The annual International Conference on Computing and Missions is happening June 6th - 10th. If you're a techie who loves the Lord and has a heart for missions, you should go! Deadline for registering is... Friday. Sorry for the short notice.

Note to self... You're tired. Go to bed. Yes, ma'am!

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Unknown said...

Thanks for the updates. & I even got to read them in my Google Reader! Yeah! God Bless.