Saturday, August 04, 2007

Prayer - Minneapolis and Afghanistan

We've had a couple hot topics on our list of things to pray for recently.
  • One of my interns is from the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, so we've been praying for the people affected by the bridge collapse on I-35W. One of my favorite authors, Pastor John Piper, pastors Bethlehem Baptist Church within sight of that bridge. He wrote an excellent response to the catastrophe at the church's website. I would encourage you to read it.
  • We're continuing to lift up the 23 member Korean ministry team that was kidnapped in Afghanistan over two weeks ago. (21 is the current count --2 have been killed already.) Trying to find a current news article is difficult. Visiting the BBC News Asia home page brings up articles about a suicide bomber, Afghans wounded in an air strike, millions displaced by flooding across South Asia, and Sri Lanka rulers take a pay cut. It took some searching to find even a reference to the kidnapping/murder in an article titled, "Afghans warned of military action." Assist News writer Michael Ireland mentions the surprising lack of media coverage in this well-written article.

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