Sunday, July 29, 2007

My church family

My church was having a special time of praise and worship this evening. I found myself standing in the corner -- distancing myself from the rest of the congregation. I was feeling a little alone and was quite willing to continue my pity party--alone. But the Lord reminded me that I'm only as alone as I choose to be. So I slowly moved to one of the rows and slipped in beside a lady I knew. I was singing with the second or third song when I paused and looked around me. Teresa, one of my prayer supporters, was on my right. John and Barbara, financial and prayer supporters, were in the row behind me. Dana and Joe, prayer supporters, and their two boys were on my left. And I could see Pastor John and his family ahead of me and Jen and Aubrey worshiping on the stage. I was no longer alone, but surrounded by people who love me and pray for me.

I enjoyed eating afterwards with Pastor John and his family and Pastor Scott and his family. They treated me to Fuddruckers and I enjoyed their stories and conversation. I left tremendously encouraged. Thank you, my church family!

Lead me to the cross where your love poured out.
Bring me to my knees; Lord, I lay me down.
Rid me of myself; I belong to you.
Lead me -- Lead me to the cross.

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