Saturday, August 11, 2007

Tired and resting

I've been really wrung out this week -- physically and emotionally tired. Mostly physically. That tends to take a toll on my blogging/online life. I got good rest last night and a three hour nap this afternoon. It's a good start to recovery. Here's a few high points for the week:
  • Bought plane tickets for a September trip to San Jose, CA to attend a wedding of one of my past interns.
  • Had a birthday! Was loved and gifted all day long in big and little ways. It was a good birthday. My favorite doughnut, favorite people, favorite flowers, favorite kind of chocolate (a whole bag full), my favorite supper, and my favorite roommates. (Several people sent me Hallmark e-cards. It was funny--all but one of them were the exact same e-card!)
  • Started dress shopping for a dress for three fall weddings. Found out that according to today's sizes, I'm two sizes smaller than I thought I was. I think I've bought one dress in the last five years.
  • Received the news that our churches and missionaries are ministering to their communities during the worst flooding in recent history. An estimated 28 million people have been forced out of their homes.
And... I prayed for you by name. Well, at least, for those of you that I know lurk around my blog. If I don't know you're lurking (a.k.a. reading and never commenting), then you got prayed for in the general "God bless my blog readers" prayer.

And... for ginabnina and banderclip who posted their comments on the lettuce and tomatoes: We purchased 40 tomatoes and 20 heads of lettuce. We used 15 tomatoes and 4-5 heads of lettuce.

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