Sunday, July 22, 2007

Still battling - God is faithful

I'm still finding myself in the middle of a spiritual battle. I think that it's over, but then I'm surrounded once again by anxiety, miscommunication, lack of trust, and self-condemnation. These things can all very well come from me without the help of an outside enemy, but the more I pray about it, the more I believe it's still spiritual warfare. How hard it has been recently to praise the Lord! I sat in church this morning during worship and simply cried.

It was good to spend time this evening fellowshipping with GFA coworkers over shish kabobs (how ARE you supposed to spell that?) and dessert. I found a large red-eared water turtle crossing the city street as I was on my way to fellowship, so I brought him with me. He was larger than most we see around here -- about 12" from shell front to back. As I told our hostess, "I didn't know what kind of meat to bring, so I brought some fresh turtle. Will this one work?" At least I got some good laughs before I let him go in his new creek.

I reminded of something God taught me while I was at ICCM this year. God knows me. Not just in some nebulous "God knows everything" sense, but in a very real "God knows each of my emotions and struggles intimately and He cares" sense.

As Gail and Ezra used to sing:
Jesus knows me and this I love
Because He's always watching me from above.
No matter if you are big, no matter if you are small
Jesus knows us, one and all.

Yes, Jesus knows me.
Yes He knows me; Jesus knows me
Just remember that - Jesus knows you and me
The Bible tells me so.

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