Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Do you study the Bible?

Thanks for all your prayers! The Lord has really been working in each of our hearts here at the intern house and is continuing to draw us together in unity. We were talking about our weekly Bible study recently and most of us came to the same conclusion. We know how to listen to a Sunday School teacher or pastor teach on the Bible. We can pull out our commentaries and write a paper for you on the Bible. We may even be able to answer the questions in a Bible study book. But we've never been taught how to study the Bible by itself.

We're planning on going through some Inductive Bible Study classes next month to get some tools we can use to help us study. In the meantime, we're going through Ephesians. After reading through Eph 2:11-22, here's a few excerpts from my study questions. They're not meant to be profound, just something to help us walk through scripture a little more thoroughly.

  • v11. "Therefore" is a connecting word, encouraging us to look at the previous verses. What is Paul trying to get us to see?
  • v11 & 12. Paul uses the word "remember" twice in two verses. Why?
  • v12. What phrases does Paul use to describe his audience in v11 and v12?
  • v14. What does 14 and 15a say that Christ has done?
  • v15. What does 15b and 16 describe as Christ's purpose?
  • v14 & 16. What repeating theme do we find in v14 and v16? Is it the same group(s) mentioned each time?
  • v17 & 18. What is the result of Christ's work of reconciliation?
  • v19. Verse 11-12 describe how we were. What do we find in v19?
  • How many references do you find to "in/through Christ" during these verses?

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