Thursday, July 26, 2007

Today's $17 question

You are preparing food for 200 people. It's a BBQ with hamburger/chicken, baked beans, potato salad, watermelon, cake... You are slicing tomatoes and shredding lettuce to top the hamburgers/chicken sandwiches. How many tomatoes and heads of lettuce should you slice/shred?

I'll post the answers after I get a response. :)


banderclip said...

Depends on if they are vegans, then you might want to remove the meat.

i'm guessing 4 heads of lettuce and 10 tomatoes.

do i make it as an army cook??? :D

ginabnina said...

Hmmm, lots!!

If every person wants 1 slice of tomato on his/her sandwich, then you need 200 slices. (Some people won't want tomato, but some will want 2 slices; I think that evens out.) If you can get 8 slices out of 1 tomato (which is probably ambitious), then you'll need 25 tomatoes.

I can't come up with a formula for the lettuce. My guess on this one is that you'll need about 7 heads.