Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Persecution and Prayer

Yet another report of severe persecution has come in - Five of our Bible College students were attacked and all are in the hospital at the last update I heard. We had an incident two weeks ago where a girls team was beaten - highly unusual. I think about Sara and Steph and Dani that live with me and how it would affect me if they were the ones beaten. Or my sister Susan. The Bible College students were probably younger than these ladies.

I've spent a lot of time in prayer recently -- that's a good thing. Living with people is always a stretching situation and I want to make sure I'm taking things before the Lord and not just doing things on my own. He's given me a lot of grace so far. Please pray that I continue to seek Him faithfully and trust Him.

Okay - now I'm back to working on my training for tomorrow morning. We're training the staff on - a program that helps them keep track of their personal prayer and financial supporters (like you).

I praise God for you!

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