Saturday, February 24, 2007

Gandhi Night #3

We enjoyed watching Gandhi this evening. It was the third time I've seen it and it is interesting the different things that catch my attention each time. You can see the notes from first time, but this time, one of Mirabehn's comments and Gandhi's response caught my attention.

Mirabehn, a daughter of an English admiral, has come to live with Gandhi and his wife. She is sitting in their house perhaps the first day or two after her arrival. In the course of conversation, the topic turns to homespun cloth.

Gandhi to Mirabehn: Ba will have to teach you to spin too.
Mirabehn: I would rather march.
Gandhi: First spin. Let the others march for a time.

How many times do I say to God, "But I would rather do [fill in the blank]"? So many times I want to do something grandiose, but the Lord is asking me to do something simple. It's not the work he wants, but the heart.

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