Monday, February 19, 2007

Psalm 63

It's been a busy week -- interns still settling in, the "honeymoon" period starting to end, all of us still learning. Well, hopefully we'll continue learning for some time now!

Saturday was a fun day with basketball and volleyball and food and fellowship in the afternoon. Sunday was a day of rest for me. A Nepali friend, Nanu, came to church with me Sunday morning. Nanu and myself and roommate Jen enjoyed doughnuts together after church and then a walk at Arbor Hills.

I've learned a lot about Hinduism the last few days from Nanu. Lord Shiva's birthday was Friday, apparently. I had to ask her if he was a real person.

"No, no," she said. "Lord Shiva is like the head gods in charge of all the gods."

"Oh!" said I, surprised. "If he's a god, then why does he have a birthday?"

"That's just the day he was created," Nanu explained to me. "And he also met his wife goddess Parvati on this day."

I wanted to ask who created him, but I wasn't quite sure how to ask that politely.

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