Monday, January 08, 2007

Internship countdown...

The new group of Road to Reality interns start arriving in just over two weeks.
Prayer Points:
  • Pray for the repairs needed for the rental house to get done quickly and correctly
  • Pray for my box-packing and moving details
  • Pray for my spiritual/emotional preparation for this coming time
  • Pray for the three interns as they prepare to come -- each of them are raising their financial support right now for this coming year.
  • Pray for God to prepare our hearts (theirs and mine) for what He wants us to learn this year.
  • Pray for airline tickets and traveling safety as they come about the 27th of this month.

Tonight's activity for me? Trying to get a hold of one of the interns about a church meeting and packing my sheets/towels/books.

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