Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Six new interns...

We did it! This afternoon from 1-2:30, I was introducing our six new interns to the GFA computer system. We covered software training basics, file sharing, email, password protocol, and much much more. I think I helped overwhelm them. :) We got all their passwords changed and they'll be starting at their desks tomorrow morning. Their department coordinators are so excited to have additional staff!

I have more training tomorrow morning for another new staff person. Most of this afternoon was spent on the phone working with the Center for Nonprofit Management in preparation for more staff training next week on Outlook and Excel.

It's a lot of training, but it's fun doing what I was called here to do.

On a more sober note - the US is coming up on the one year anniversary of Katrina. With other high-priority news, few people realize that India has been hit this month by the worst monsoon in recorded history with over 1000 dead, millions homeless, and over 15,000 villages destroyed.

From the GFA website: "Gujarat is one of the worst-hit states. In the city of Surat, you have more than 400 dead, 6 million homeless, phone lines are gone and 270 villages are completely cut off."

Pray for the missionaries and pastors who are doing compassion work in those areas. Pray for the hundreds of churches/church plants that are affected and the believers there.

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