Monday, August 21, 2006

Kids and ministry

On a personal note, I spent this weekend kidsitting four youngsters in one of our staff families. Kyle is one of our GFA staff speakers (traveling to share about GFA with churches across the US) and had a meeting Haysville, KS on Sunday. He was driving there and his wife was able to accompany him. The four kids (ages 12, 10, 6, 4) and I had a wonderful time at the McDonald's playplace, the library, Auntie Candy's pool... It was a blessing to be able to bless them. Kyle and his wife don't get away just the two of them very often. (It was also a blessing to get Russell Stover's chocolate as payment for the weekend. :)

It was interesting to hear about one conversation Kyle and his wife had in Wichita. Kyle's wife has special dietary needs, so they were looking for a restauant that served organic food. "Well," said one native Wichitan, "if you head west out of town some hours, you'll come to Denver. They probably have something there. Or if you head south out of town, you'll eventually come to Dallas. Those two are probably your closest bets."

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sarah said...

Hey was fun to read your blog and catch up a little bit. You know who needs a blog? Ketty! :)


p.s. I posted something new's almost like the pressure to submit to the GPR!!