Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Thanks...for the little things

I made a late night run to Lowe's/WalMart for poison ivy killer and gloves for tomorrow's cleaning/work party at CE's house. CE -- we'll call her Auntie Candy -- is our office grandmother and needs a little help tomorrow with lawn work and house cleaning.

While at WalMart, I stopped by the tire section to pick up valve caps for a couple of our bike tires. The sales guy walked me to the right section...but they were out. Out. I've probably checked seven-eight times in three different stores for these 67 cent caps over the last while. They're always out. No, I replied, I don't want the flashy $3.00 ones. I want the 67 cent ones.

I was finishing at self checkout with my poison ivy killer when I heard, "Ma'am?" I turned to see the employee from the tire section holding out four valve caps in his cupped hands. He quietly dumped them in my hands and left without a word.

"Thank you, sir!" I called after him -- suddenly aware that I never saw his nametag.

Thanks, God.

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