Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Praise for Nepal

The best way to get over not blogging is to post. Sure beats feeling guilty.

I should have kept you updated on the struggle in Nepal as it was going on. Hopefully you followed along in your own news sources. Praise the Lord! The daily bloodshed has stopped for the time, the political parties are uniting for democracy, and many areas of the GFA ministry in Nepal are able to function again for the first time in weeks. Continue to pray for peace with the Maoists who are still skeptical of the idea of democracy.

Thank you for your prayers for unity in the house - God is working and will continue to grow us to be more like himself as we pray together.

The last two weeks have been a good reminder to put my faith over my feelings--trusting in the Lord no matter what comes my way. And the Lord has been faithful to give peace as I put that trust in Him.

I'm so blessed to be able to plant churches with you!

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