Thursday, May 04, 2006

A healthy dose

...that's what Auntie Candy called it. "A healthy dose of poison ivy" in her back yard. "Quite a clump" was another term. I bought a large container of RoundUp poison ivy killer last night. Later I found a smaller (and cheaper) container and resolved to return the large one.

I spent about an hour this evening prowling around Auntie Candy's yard in jeans, long-sleeve shirt, gloves, and face mask. We skipped the smaller container and went straight to the bigger one. About six feet of the fence is surrounded by poison ivy bushes and plants and the other fence has about four feet that is literally buried under poison ivy vines. I hacked through a main life line and poisoned it. We'll see if that works.

Spiritual application... umm... the reason the ivy grew so long without detection was simply because the lady who owned the house before never went outside in her yard. God, are there times that I hide in my house/box/self and never come out to see to see the poison that is growing in another area of my life?

Hmm... I think that's stretching it a little.

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J said...

Nah, I've heard sermons that stretch analogies a lot further than that. Go for it!