Saturday, May 27, 2006

Saturday of service

For a person who didn't really have anything scheduled, my Saturday was a little busy. I started well - getting my grocery shopping finished before 8AM. One of our new staff families was moving from an apartment to their new house, so we helped them move between 8 and 12. My housemates and I volunteered to watch three high-energy kids during the afternoon so their parents could get some much needed sleep after a hectic week in their life. We swam in the nearby pool, read books, took naps, make homemade playdough, and finished off with slushies. I dropped them off at their house and then came back to my house to make cookies for a farewell party. Several friends are leaving next week for seminary in India. I stopped by the party, dropped off the cookies and the homemade cards I had just finished, and then headed on to the Schwartz home to watch their two kids while the parents had a night out.

Now I'm back home and ready for a good night's sleep. I'm so grateful for the opportunities the Lord gives me, not just to reach Asia with the love of God, but to encourage my coworkers with God's love as well.

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