Thursday, May 25, 2006

More training and life

We've rolled out a new software to our staff. It's called Lookout and it works to help them search through their emails and files. (Kind of like a "google" for your email.) My Thursday morning training sessions have focused on this program the last three weeks... getting it installed, how to use it, tips and tricks... and this week - I asked for feedback from the staff.

Mike, our production manager, shared a story this morning. (His joyb is to make sure all the brochures and the SEND! magazine are produced, printed, and mailed on time.) He said that last week he was asked to find an electronic invoice from four months ago. With a whopping 150 subfolders full of emails, finding the email would have taken at least 45 minutes. But he was excited to share that he was able to find it in about 3 minutes with the new software!

Stories like that...that's one reason I love my job. Helping people leverage technology to save time and money -- enabling them to more effectively do the work of the Lord and ultimately plant more churches in Asia.

Thanks for your prayers - I couldn't do it without you!

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