Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Weekend with supporter

I enjoyed a laid-back several days with a visiting supporter/college friend. LauraT flew down from Kansas to visit me. We camped out in a borrowed apartment, stretched our muscles playing Ultimate Frisbee, visited the used bookstore, took in the Dallas historical sites, and wandered the Fort Worth Zoo. It was good just to hang out. Oh, and we also moved cabinets for Auntie C and worked on the B Family's computer. Laura was patient with me.

The office has started gearing up another notch for the Renewing Your Passion Conference at the end of June. You should come!

And I? I'm praying about whether to be a part of the internship for another year. I'd appreciate your prayers in this as well.

Pray for the website as well. We're experiencing a series of DOS attacks, making the website inaccessible at times to our supporters and website visitors. Pray for the ceasing of the attacks and the salvation of those who are attacking it.

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Anonymous said...

thanks for the snake!!!!