Thursday, April 06, 2006

Checking off tasks

It's been a busy, quiet week with the Lord allowing me to catch up on some long overdue tasks.

I stopped by a staff home today where the wife homeschools the children and also transcribes incoming reports from the mission field. She had been unable to access her department task list for about eight months. The Lord took care of it (I barely changed any settings.) and we had it working in a matter of minutes.

The guys who control our air/heat at the office have been trying to serve the staff better (and control expenses) by adjusting the thermostat in large meeting rooms we don't regularly use. I stopped by today and showed them how/where to check the electronic resource calendars ahead of time so they can see when a meeting is planned.

One of my inters just got back this evening from the Gospel Music Association conference and Dove awards... Several of the artists they met there are interested in sharing the Bridge of Hope message at their concerts. It was neat to hear her stories and see her pictures -- she requests prayer for the bands and artists that heard about the ministry of GFA. Pray God will lay it on their hearts to be a part of what God is doing in Asia.


Anonymous said...

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J said...

Sounds like a good sort of week. Sometimes it can be a little, simple thing to fix, but it makes a big impact. Those feel really good!