Tuesday, April 18, 2006

He is Risen!

He is risen, indeed!

I was blessed to spend Good Friday and Easter Sunday with my family in Kansas. I must admit, my family took priority over computer time, so my blogging suffered. How good it was don Dad's work clothes and my sister's work boots and help Dad with farm jobs. To feed dandelions to the bottle calf and wipe its slobber off my fingers. To spend time pounding, I mean... laughing with my ever-growing little brother and getting-bigger sister.

And to worship our all gracious and risen Lord- the one who gave up his life that we might know Him. My weekend trip ended with a visit to New Hopedale Mennonite Church in Meno, OK. The church members loved on me and encouraged me and blessed me tremendously.

It was with joyous hearts that we celebrated the resurrection of Christ -- knowing that because of our prayers and sacrifice, thousands of people in Asia were also celebrating for the first time.

Thank you.

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