Monday, February 27, 2006

Interns in India

Saturday, my interns left for their 15 days in India. Along with the interns are two (out of four) members of the IDT (Intern Discipleship Team). They left (and hopefully) arrived safely at their first destination.

As a result of their trip, my house is empty...except for me. For six months, my life and schedule has revolved around GFA and the internship program, so it's a little strange to have part of that gone for a moment. I'm really hoping to spend part of this time catching up on some reading and seeking the Lord.

Tonight's prayer request: For the intern team while they are in India. For me to focus on the Lord this week.

Prayer request from the field: 10 belivers (including 4 pastors) in Rajastan have been framed in a murder case and arrested. I'll keep you updated as we find out more. There's not a link on the website for this since it came out in an urgent email update.

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