Friday, March 03, 2006

Friday Night Prayer

We've got all-night prayer meeting tonight. I've got a cookie-cake in the oven (thanks to Debbie's recipie in the Anthony church cookbook) for midnight snacks. My bowl of mac-and-cheese is sitting on my lap. And I'm listening to teaching by Pastor Zac Poonen on the book of Ephesians. He's talking about selfishness. Ouch!

"There is a lot of selfishness in us... When children are young, they always grab. We don't grab because we would lose our testimony. But that is still how we are inside."

This week was busy--I helped fix a couple PDA's, installed security programs for two computers, setup databases so people could call churches and arrange meetings, researched printer solutions, fixed a problem with the phone setup so our operators could take backed-up phone calls, setup folders for new projects, and much more...

We also spent time this week praying for the upcoming Renewing Your Passion missions conference. Check out the website and pray about coming -- it's going to be incredible!

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