Friday, January 20, 2006

Sister Sunita

In a post mid-November, I asked you to pray for Sister Sunita--the overseer of one of our girls Bible colleges in North India. I met her during my trip to India last March and she fervently asked for prayer regarding her upcoming arranged marriage. In November, we found out that she was dying of cancer and I asked you to join with me in prayer.

We received news that Sis. Sunita went to be the Lord on Monday, January 16th - the same day as my grandfather's funeral. I feel like my friend just died. Like she should no longer be smiling back at me from the picture I keep at my desk. But I know this--we'll be reunited in heaven. There will be no language barrier, no cultural reserve, no disease, no age. Sunita, me, and Grandpa will all get to worship God--together.

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