Monday, January 23, 2006

Labor, rest, and prayer

Saturday was a flurry of activity as I cleaned my room, ran errands, prayed for the staff team leaving for India, helped move my new couch in (YEAH), spent the afternoon doing evangelism with the intern team, attended a bridal shower (not mine), and then watched End of the Spear.

Sunday was a bit more relaxing. I worshipped with my church family, napped, ate supper, wrote notes to friends, did some Bible reading, and went to bed early!

Today was filled with fixing printers and emails, replacing tonor for fax machines and preparing logins for the new interns coming on Saturday. After work was grocery shopping and getting the menu ready for a new week.

Tomorrow the office is closed so that the GFA staff can all gather for a day of prayer and fasting--seeking God's direction and blessing for this new year. I am so thankful to have leaders in place who recognize the importance of prayer and continue to found this ministry upon it.

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