Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Strength and perseverance

To my prayer warriors (and faithful blog readers): I'm sorry for not updating. Please forgive me. (Thank you!)

The last week has been pleasantly busy. Which means mostly busy, but not busy enough to drive me crazy. It was busy enough to cause a severe lack of sleep which prompted me to sleep every spare minute. Even so, Friday brought a headache from lack of sleep, but Saturday and Sunday brought naps! (Saturday also brought Ultimate Frisbee for the first time in a year--it really helped get the kinks out of my hurting back!)

Friday evening was a highlight of this past week as the interns and discipleship team met at TT's house for a time of worship followed by personal sharing and prayer for each person. We started at 8:30 and finished just before midnight.

This week, I'm getting my rest, but I'm tired. Today, half way through the afternoon, my strength and clarity of mind suddenly vanished. Distraught, I decided to go for chocolate or caffeine and then a small thought popped into my head. "Ask for God's strength." So I sat back down at my computer, asked for His strength, and headed on for the next project. I finished that one and repeated the process until the day ended.

And now I sit here, thankful for your prayers and thankful for a wonderful roommate who is rubbing my back! God is good!

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