Thursday, September 08, 2005

Indian Pastor Dies

One of our native missionaries, Pastor Sukhwinder, was killed in an motorcycle accident last Sunday. His wife and three kids who were with at the time all survived. You can read the full story at the website. Pray for his wife as she is willing to continue his ministry. Pray for the church of 25 new believers he is pastoring and for the two outreach centers he was starting.

On the office front: One of our computer administrators and I went to visit another ministry today and see their use of Microsoft Sharepoint Services. We quizzed them over their use of Sharpoint Team Services as opposed to Sharepoint Portal and wrote down their server specifications and usage notes and challenges. Our goal is to use the technology the Lord has given us to the best of our ability. And sometimes part of getting to that goal is deciding whether a new technology will be useful to our ministry or not.

And on the home front: This Friday night is all-night prayer. Yeah!

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