Saturday, September 03, 2005


21 GFA staff and interns descended on MissionArlington this morning at 9:00. A ministry dedicated to reaching the unreached in their area of Dallas, MissionArlington is also a "first responder" for disaster relief.

To hit the highlights... Our morning project was cleaning up a large storage building that was going to be used to house refugees come Monday. Our afternoon was spent sorting donations given by the steady stream of cars and SUVs funneling through MissionArlington's parking lot.

As we left there, we made one last stop--dropping donated pillows and towels and toothbrushes off at Grace Street Church where refugees would be gathering. We paused a little longer as the local police department needed a hand setting up the portable showers/decom area and our team was all too willing to help.

While setting that up, a large tour bus pulled up--filled with refugees from the SuperDome. I spent a few minutes talking to Caroline and Junius and their kids James (2), Joseph (9), and Josephina (almost 11). Leaving their home, they had just enough time to grab a change of clothes for each of the kids. They hadn't showered since last Wednesday. Josephina was so cute with her short black braids -- cheerfully holding the WalMart sack and diaper bag that contained everything they owned.

Again, it made things just a little more real.

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