Friday, September 02, 2005

Flooding our worlds

The relief effort for the victims of Katrina is in full force...depending on who you listen to. Even here in Dallas, we have thousands of people in Reunion Arena and staying with friends and family. Donations are pouring in to the Red Cross and Texas Baptist Men and grocery and clothing and school supply drives are being held. The intern team will be helping tomorrow--sorting clothing donations and packing up food for families that need it. And sharing the love of God.

The 2000 statistics show the population of New Orleans as going on 485,000. The 2000 statistics show the population of Mumbai, India as going on 16,000,000.

Remember the posts from a few weeks ago? About the flooding in Mumbai? Washing away all the churches and leaving thousands dead and hundreds of thousands homeless? Some of our missionaries and relief workers are in the hospital even now because of the water-bourne illnesses from the still-flooded city.

In India. In the US. Seeing this a little closer to home helps the disaster in India hit home just a little bit more. They both need our prayers.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I will keep both flood areas in my prayers. People from New Orleans are coming to Kansas as well. I believe they are setting up a center in Junction City. Lets keep all the relief workers and repair crews in our prayers as well.