Monday, August 29, 2005

Pressing matters

We've been praying for an iron at our house. We'd been gifted with two so far and neither worked. So we were praying (and thanking God) for an iron. This morning I arrived at my desk after prayer to find a brand-new iron sitting on my office chair! Excitedly, I emailed my housemates about the gift. They were also excited about the iron, but expressed concern that the love seat we'd been praying for would be delivered in like manner--on top of my chair?

It was a busy day at the new workers, tracking down last week's unfinished business, and meeting for a short time with the other intern discipleship team members. At the end of the work day, I ended up at Bro. KP's house, training his wife on new computer software so she can effectively send and receive updates and stories from the mission field.

Pray for each of us involved in the internship - students and leaders. Pray that as the adreneline wears off, we will continue to faithfully seek God and that the enemy will be unable to find a foothold in our lives.

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