Thursday, August 25, 2005

The Prayer Support

Today's been a little busy - trying to get back on my feet in the office after being in intern meetings a good chunk of the week. With printers not working and a conference to register for and software throwing fits and people needing answers now, I was feeling a little overwhelmed... like my juggling balls were up in the air and any moment they would come crashing down on me.

Then an email arrived for me from one our Canadian staff members. Part of it simply read: "the Lord reminded me of you this morning and I said a prayer for you. Be encouraged!"

And I was. I thought: "You know, the Lord knew today was coming. He knew I was going to face this. And he prompted someone to pray for me. And others are praying for me too. If they're praying, then I know it will be okay."

So thank you... and pray.

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