Saturday, August 13, 2005

I'm blogging this...

Since my shirt said I would... Thursday I went to Six Flags for the evening with a cousin and coworker. With the free passes God provided, we were able to enjoy ourselves without spending a ton of time (or money) there. The real fun started just after the second ride when I realized I had lost my keys. The ride hands searched for them, but to no avail. We double checked our other stops and then filed a report at Lost and Found. We then placed a call to my sister (1 hour north of us) who has the only other key to my car. She (wonderfully) agreed to drive down and bring my extra key at closing time.

From there, we decided to enjoy the rest of our evening. Our next stop was the Titan rollercoaster where, halfway up the first hill, I realized I still had my glasses on. I folded them and clipped them to my belt loop where they would stay safe. Unfortunately, about 30 seconds into the ride, I reached for them and discovered they weren't there. I screamed and panicked the rest of the ride until we pulled into the station and I found them tucked inside my t-shirt.

My t-shirt for the day read simply, "I'm blogging this."

Was it any suprise then when I continued to lose things Friday in the office? I left my Palm, my 2-way radio, and my keys behind at different desks during the day.

Today has been calmer as I stayed home and spent time reading through Philipians and worked on another chapter of "Why Grace Changes Everything" by Chuck Smith. Tommorow is also set aside to seek God.

Relationships - that's what our lives are about in different ways. Having a relationship with God, sharing that relationship with others, building relationships with different people in different ways so more people can have that relationship with God.

Praising God for your relationship with me as we help missionaries in Asia lead thousands of people a day to a relationship with God! Thank you.

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Anonymous said...

just wanted to let you know that I am praying for you and that I have 5 days till classes start.