Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Training and Fellowship

I was blessed to have a full day of training in Dallas today--trying to learn how to apply time management techniques to computer training/software. So...instead of just teaching you this "cool computer tip," can I help you learn to use your computer (and this cool tip) as a time saver and not a time waster?

I arrived back at the office just in time to borrow another staff member's truck and help TR move from his third floor apartment to a different third floor apartment. At the end of the long evening, I had a mattress and box springs set for my third intern AND a bookshelf! We also dropped a desk and chair off at NN's house for his interns.

It was an unexpected blessing this evening when NN and TT, both members of the Intern Discipleship Team, ended up at my house for an extended conversation about life, God, challenges, and blessings.... It was a very real time of fellowship. We ended the time with prayer--renewed and encouraged and challenged and...ready to go on.

Thanks for your prayers as we get ready for the interns...9 days and counting...

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