Saturday, July 09, 2005

Friday Night Prayer

It's another late night prayer meeting. We started right at 8:00 and took a break about 11:30. Now we're in the middle of small group prayer sessions, interceeding for our UK, New Zealand, and Canadian offices. We have staff in each of those countries, linking the native missionaries to Christians and churches in those countries who want to support them.

I'm here at the back table with the computers, typing the evening notes and displaying the powerpoint presentations. We just saw pictures for the first time of our Bible College in... umm... I can't tell you. And we saw a picture of 13 native missionaries that are heading into a nearby country--determined to give their lives preaching to Gospel there. Where? Oh... umm... I can't tell you that.

What can I tell you? Your prayers make a difference. God knows what you don't.

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