Thursday, July 14, 2005

Answers and Updates

The normalicies of life continue on in conjunction with the big events in life. We don't have an answer yet from Melia, although she returned home on Wednesday. You can continue to pray for her. I do have an answer for the iron...CD has one she will be giving me. PTL!

I took time to help a family pack up this evening. B&J are leaving GFA to head for seminary. The office was my next stop where I worked on my newsletter and then was off to the grocery store to get bacon for sandwiches and powdered sugar to make mints for CD's wedding at the end of the month.

Tomorrow I'll finish up my newsletter draft, have lunch with Rach and T., make mints in the evening, and get ready for Lei's birthday celebration on Saturday. I also need to help RL purchase new software for the software development team, turn in a rough draft of a Service Level Agreement for Helpdesk, find out what's wrong with RL's Outlook rules, write my weekly report, and prepare my August activity plan.

For now...I'm off to kill the mosquito and go to bed.

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Anonymous said...

happy mosquito hunting!
Isn't it wonderful that we can share the need for prayer requests without having to share specific details because God knows what each person needs? I will be praying for you, GFA, and the interns.