Sunday, July 24, 2005

Countdown to change

The ten days since I posted have been both busy and quiet. Some things in my life seem to be in a temporary holding pattern. I can just imagine the air traffic control units... "Chaos, please establish a holding patten... you will be landing in three weeks."

Okay, so not quite. Thank you for your prayers as we continue to prepare for the internship. We still do not have a response from Melia as to whether she is coming. Seg and AJ moved their furniture to their apartment today. And Lei just used my TV box and my vacuum box to pack her stuff in. She'll be returning home this coming Saturday.

I spent about two hours on Saturday making some 450 mints for CD's wedding this coming weekend. I only have another 200 or so to do tomorrow.

We are attempting to set up phone service and such for the new intern houses. Pots and Pans were purchased for $5 at a yard sale this weekend. Skillet was purchased Thursday at a yard sale. Eyeing the sale Oneida is having on three of their patterns of silverware, but decided that $199 is a little to expensive to put on my list of suggested birthday gifts.

Real suggestions for the upcoming birthday include Bosch cookie paddles, CD player, tape measure (12' or 25' or whaterever), salt and pepper shaker, cooling (cake) racks, and a 4-in-1 screwdriver (mine disappeared last fall...).

Ah-why am I posting this? Your prayers (and occasional comment that encourages and lets me know you're praying) is gift enough for me. THANK YOU!

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