Tuesday, June 21, 2005

RTR - House

Road to Reality update - thanks for praying! I mentioned last night that I need a house, but I'm not the only one. NN, who will be living with the three male interns, is also needing a house.

Word just went out by email that there is a house in a great location (right next door to some of my favorite people) that suddenly had a sale contract fall through and they seem to be willing to rent the house to NN for the internship.

I thought about being jealous (see lawn mower story), but decided that it's a great opportunity to see God at work (which he is) in NN's house and know that he'll be just as faithful in providing me a house. Seeing God answering one prayer and knowing He'll answer the others as well.

Jen put a call into the realtors--pray for favor and right timing!

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