Thursday, June 23, 2005

RTR - House Part 2

Tuesday, I asked you to pray. Wednesday, I got a call from our current landlord. She said she had just gotten back from vacation and couldn't remember what my final decision was about renting the house we are in now for next year. I told her that with the possibility of only two interns living with me instead of three, this house was way out of our price range. She asked for the prices we were looking at and then said, "Just wait. Let me call my husband and we'll call you back tomorrow. I really want this to work out for you and for us. We really want you girls as renters."

Tonight I got a call from her husband, offering to drop the monthly rent by $175/month! I don't have the final say in this, but I told him I appreciated it and would take this information to the intern coordinator.

Tomorrow the realtor on NN's potential house is supposed to call and let us know about leasing possibilities. And your prayers continue to make a difference.

Can you imagine? In two months, GFA will have 9 interns working full time on projects that will help the work on the mission field continue to grow. And your prayers will have been a mighty part of making this happen.

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