Monday, June 20, 2005

Road to Reality

I was thinking today about Bro. Japr, a teacher in one of our Bible Colleges in India. We met him during our time there--he was so full of the Spirit of God--so full of fire. He shared part of his testimony with us. He said that as a young man, desiring to follow God, he came to God praying, "I could do all these things, Lord. I could be a pastor or an evangelist or a church planter or a teacher or so many other things. But God, what do YOU want me to do?" God led him to Deut. chapter 3 where God admonishes Moses to "commission Joshua and encourage him." So for the last 15+ years, Bro. Japr has been teaching at Bible College and mentoring young pastors and missionaries. Pray for him as he is a role model to thousands of maturing believers.

God hasn't called me to spend the rest of my life teaching/mentoring, but I have been given the opportunity to be part of the Road to Reality Internship program this year. Nine young people, ages 18-25, from across the US will be joining GFA for a year--serving in our home office, being discipled, and visiting the mission field. Five of us staff people make up the Intern Discipleship Team (IDT). Three of the female interns will be living with me starting mid-August.

The IDT team met for lunch and prayer today--praying for the physical details that still need to fall into place, praying for the interns as they raise their financial support, and praying for spiritual preparation. Please pray for me--that I would fervently seek God in preparing for this. And pray for a house. We need God's guidance on whether to keep the house I'm in or find a different house.

Trusting... that He who started the work will be faithful to complete it...

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