Saturday, June 25, 2005

RTR - House Part 3

Thank you for praying! The answer for the house came back from leadership as YES and our landlords were agreeable to the terms. GFA will be renting that house for another year.

We don't know yet whether I will continue to live in the house with the female interns or whether NN will move there with the male interns, but our landlords agreed to the terms. It's hard to find people who are willing to rent to a ministry, not just an individual, so this is a blessing!

You can continue to pray for the second house we need--NN and the intern coordinator are still working with the realtor on an opportunity to see that house. God is faithful!

As I praise the Lord for the beautiful facilities he has provided for us here, my heart still goes to Pastor Kilshore and his family as they sold all their posessions and moved into the slums of Chandigarh to minister to those people. I think about the pastor in Manipur whose house and posessions have been burned to the group by angry mobs.

And each time I open the door of my house, I thank God...and pray.

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Anonymous said...

Dee-Dee, I got your newsletter today, it was uplifting to read about. I did wave to you out the window of my plane as it took off Friday (24). I will be praying for you and the GFA missionaries.

a prayer request from Haiti: that we can start up a Veterinary agent training program in La Croix.