Saturday, June 18, 2005

Attack by Night

One of our churches in Manipur has been struggling as they build their new church. From the website:

Hearts pounded. Bodies hit the ground. First one round of shots was fired, then another. Then another … In all, 40 bullets were fired at the site of the partially constructed GFA Believers Church in Manipur (India) that night. God tenderly watched over His children, and none of the missionaries staying on the site were injured by the bullets....

“Even after this incident, we kept on constructing the church,” Pastor Prim states.

This pastor does not make this statement lightly—this is not the first time his church was attacked and likely won’t be the last. Angry mobs had dismantled the construction four times in the previous six months. Once, they set ablaze the missionaries’ temporary living quarters and burned their belongings to ashes.

Construction dismantled four times in six months? What if you were building your church by hand? Would you continue? Pray for these believers and many others across the world who are struggling as well. You can read the entire story at the website.

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