Saturday, June 04, 2005

ICCM 2005

Here I am in Upland, Indiana at the International Conference of Computing and Missions. 100+ computer techies who work with missions all over the world. I'm sitting here on the steps of the theatre where we are meeting...currently in the middle of our Talent Night. DH from Avant Ministries is currently on stage on with his dummy, Andrew. His ventriloquist dummy. They are amzing! We always enjoy DH's stories... it helps us realize that we as Christians aren't living on our own. It is God who lives through us. Just like the puppet doesn't live without DH, we don't live without....

It is such a wonderful time to join together with other techies... techies who love God and want to see the world reached for God. Even if there are only five of us ladies in the entire group.

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