Saturday, May 21, 2005


Two of our GFA staff daughters were graduating high school with the local homeschool group yesterday evening, so I left work and started the 15 minutes drive to the church. About 4 minutes from the church, I was suprised to find the traffic lights at Marsh and International not working. Oh, well. It's not a huge intersection. We proceded as a four way stop (time consuming and nerve wracking) and continued down the road...only to find the traffic lights out at Marsh and the George Bush Turnpike. Now that's a little more major. Traffic heading north was backed up for a mile or more while south bound (me) wasn't bad at all (rush hour dynamics).

After making my way through 6 sets of non-working traffic lights, I arrived at the graduation at the same time as GFA staff member John. He told me that his wife had called his cell phone and said all the lights were out. He was wondering if they were canceling the graduation. Cancel the graduation? Because a few traffic lights are out? Wierd.

We walked into the church....only to find ALL the lights out. All the lights, John? Yes, he replied. The electricity is out all over North Dallas.

The organizers were adept, switching the ceremonies with the reception so we could fellowship in the well-lit gym while they prayed for the power to come back on. And sure enough, forty-five minutes into the reception, the power was restored and the ceremonies proceeded. (The power did fail again for about 5 seconds while the commencement speaker was in the middle of a 20 minute court analysis of the historic case Leeper vs. Arlington ISD. I think some of the crowd was debating whether or not they wanted the power to return.)

It reminded me of when we were in central India. We were visiting a small church and Bro. L. was exhorting the young Christians entergetically. "Even when I am in the midst of anti-social elements, I will worship the Lord! Even when my family turn against me, when my parents turn against me, I will worship the Lord! Even when...[mic stops working as the electricity fails. Bro. L. sets it down on the table in front of him and continues without missing a beat, now guesturing with both hands. ] Even when the electricty fails, I will worship the Lord! It is the privilege of every believer, every child of God, to have a smile on his face."

Congratulations, S & R!

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