Sunday, June 05, 2005

Sunday at ICCM

It's been a good day of rest here at ICCM. We worshipped together this morning in prayer, praise, teaching, and sharing. Lunch was followed by a nap and then some indoor volleyball. A rain shower and lightning/thunder storm showed God's glory just before the evening banquet.

Running late after volleyball, I missed catching a ride from the dorm to the banquet hall 1/2 mile away. So I stuffed my good clothes and stuff I needed in my trusty backpack and trekked across campus in the pouring rain. (It's been quite some years since I walked through pouring rain like least for that far. I found refreshing.) Quote one attendee, "I saw you arrive. You looked like a drowned rat!" I stopped by the restroom and changed clothes and joined the banquet.

Halfway through the banquet, I pulled out my trusty Palm (which I've been taking notes on all weekend) and found it wet and refusing to start. Moments later, it did start, but erased all my notes and data from the weekend. Interesting, the comments I wanted to write down were about trust and assurance in God, not in our techie stuff.

So with my laptop out of commission and my Palm and notes gone, I'm writing from a borrowed laptop in the middle of an impromptu worship session.

Forever God is faithful...

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