Thursday, June 16, 2005

Newsletter coming out...

Not only is my blog late, but my newsletter is also late. However, it has plans to go out this weekend. It was down in the mailroom getting folded today.

The young adults at GFA have been fairly active recently--enjoying the outdoors before the worst of the summer gets here. No, I haven't been camping at all, but we have been playing the occasional game of volleyball and a bit of rugby. In fact, Rach (my previous roommate) fractured one of her toes in the middle of our last rugby game. She's been walking around in a soft cast and a lot of pain all week. You can pray for her.

I thoughts this afternoon back to our games of volleyball and cricket with the Bible School students in India. Sometimes playing North America vs. India and sometimes mixing up the teams. Trying to dig the volleyball out of the makeshift net. Laughing with brothers and sisters from the other side of the globe. Finding time to relax and play in the midst of the battle to reach the lost.

Being people--just like you and I.

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