Thursday, May 12, 2005


It's my month to help the GFA teenagers clean our home office building. I left my desk at 5:00 and reported to the lobby. 14 year old [Dan] and I set to work dusting, mopping and sweeping the upstairs library, the lobby and the 1st floor gallery. We finished an hour and fifteen minutes later and then helped [Cassie] finish cleaning the water fountains.

It reminded me of our visit to a small Bible College in Mumbai (Bombay). It was an unexpected visit for part of an afternoon and after worshipping with the students, they fed us wonderful chipatis and curry-stuff and burrito shaped things. It was good. We asked about who made it and the leaders responded that the students made all the food. "The students fix their own food, wash and mend their own clothes, and take care of the hostel. It's good training so when they graduate and move to the villages they won't starve."

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