Friday, May 06, 2005

Dum dum dash

It's been almost six weeks since my return from India and still the smallest thing can jog my memory. I was writing aloud to myself today... ""

A few minutes later, I found myself softly singing a children's song...
Do you know the name of this?
Yes, I know the name of that.
It's a shiny new drum set
And it goes a "dum dum dash"
If you listen carefully, Jesus loves you and me.
It can go a "dum dum dash" a "dum dum dash."

The leaders' kids in south India sang that song for us the evening we arrived. Each verse has a different intrument which makes its own sound.
Guitar goes a "rin tin tin"
Keyboard goes a "do re me"
Trumpet goes a "rum prum prum"
Drums goes a "dum dum dash" (motions hitting drum, drum, cymbal. The "dash" is actually more of a "tshh" sound.

Isn't it interesting what sounds each of the instruments make?

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Anonymous said...

he he i know that song!