Saturday, May 07, 2005

Still at prayer meeting

Well, I think prayer meeting is finally closing down. We're ending an hour ahead of schedule, but I don't think I mind. My brain is still functioning fairly well for 4:02 in the morning.

We just finished praising God for tribes that are being reached for the first time, for Muslim ministry opportunities, for the churches that were planted as a result of the tsunami relief work, for the pastor who almost "flunked out of the ministry" seven years ago and now oversees all of southern Sri Lanka, and for people who faithfully support the 14,000+ missionaries...and us!

Praising God,

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Anonymous said...

wow, I am impressed that you can stay up till 4am and still function. and that is getting done early!?! amazing. I struggle to stay up till midnight. I guess that is the difference between studying :( and praying :). One weights you down the other lifts you up.