Wednesday, April 27, 2005

The Outlook of life...

Thanks for your prayers for the Outlook training last Thursday. It went well and now we're slowly training the rest of the office. We had a 30 minute training session Monday morning with about 23 users and another training session this morning with about 10 users. There will be a 5 minute training tomorrow morning to help the many users who don't yet have their software. Between 6-10 people are getting the new software each day, so I've been running around the office answering questions and trying to keep people excited and productive.

As we train the users here, my thoughts wander back to my time in India. We were at the Asian Biblical Seminary talking with one of the leaders. Computers are becoming more and more common and we're having a hard time finding qualified computer people who have a heart to work with the ministry. One of the team members asked if we were training IT (computer) people for the regional offices. The leader replied, "Many of the library materials and the concordances and Bibles and resources for the seminary students are here in these computer labs. By giving them experience using a computer, we're training the future leaders."

Many of the students who are at the seminary have never touched a computer before. They don't know what a keyboard is or have any ideas how to type on one. But they will learn during their three years at the seminary and then those students become the leaders of Bible Colleges and overseers in district and regional offices. And they will know how to use a computer.

Pray... that they will learn quickly. When was your first time on a computer?

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